About Us


For the past 16 years we have been sharing sailing adventures throughout  Mexico, Nicaragua , Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.   We have two boats for two coast.  The catamaran is sailing the Caribbean side of panama including  beautiful  waters of the San blas Islands,    Boca del Toro, and trips between Panama  and Cartegena, Colombia.  ,    Amigo the mono hull,  sails west coast of Panama including the Las Perlas Islands and  up to Costa Rica and down to Ecuador.  


There are opportunities to do night watches and stints at the wheel, helming the boat throughout the trips. You can have as much or as little involvement with the sailing and chores as you wish. The boats are equipped all the tools needed to enjoy life aboard – kayaks, fishing gear,  snorkeling gear and surfboards…

There are a few ways to enjoy a trip aboard. You can charter one of the boats for a flat fee or jump on as a guest/crew on an existing run.